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I have light-mild acne, however it seems whenever I reduce the inflammation of a pimple TOO quickly, it always leaves a red mark behind. Sometimes if I use an acne product that is too harsh on my skin, the pimple will leave a mark behind. Sometimes I won't even put any product on a pimple, nor will i touch it, and it will still levae a small mark behind. And obviously whenever I pop a pimple, it leaves a mark behind. What is the best way to PREVENT red marks from forming and still get rid of pesky zits??!

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Well I believe this depends on the area of your face. Red marks on my forehead fade much quicker than those on my cheek.

I still couldn't find a way to completely prevent those red marks on my cheek, my skin is too sensitive in this area. But I have the impression that i get stronger red marks in this area when I leave a zit to heal completely on its own... Has anyone experienced the same?

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hey i dont get many spots any more but since my spots kinda cleared up im left with red marks on my chin and cheeks and its not just a small red mark. ive got redness that spreads over my nose from each cheek and a red chin and few visible red/spot marks on cheeks, ive had it 4 so long it feels like its kinda scarring or sumin im finkin of trying laser treatment as ive tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it i have oily skin which doesnt help either.

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