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So a few moments ago I swallowed my first dose of Accutane.

I'm 21/m/145lbs 40MG/day

My acne is just really persistent, you almost have to admire it's willpower. I haven't had a bad breakout since sophmore year of HS (which wasn't cystic at the time), but its incredibly annoying at my age to have a large red bump(s) on your face... Mino, Doxy, Tetra and Erythromycin variably combined with Novacet, Differin, Finacea, or ClindaGel failed to rid me of the cysts I get every week or so. I've pretty much gone beyond the acne vulgaris stage of my life and now I get a few small painful pimples that either disappear fairly quickly or form a larger cyst that I could consider a new friend. Most of my troubles occur around my nose. The few I get near my eyebrows are gone overnight many times. But when they get large...they get large. Sometimes they get off my "back" within a week or two..sometimes they stick around like annoying in-laws...I figured Accutane isn't such a bad idea...well it was my derm who proposed it, though I was considering it...I'm engaged and if my acne gets to the point I appear as though I belong in a freak show...at least I don't have to worry about a date for the next 5 months...

So I stocked up on Dove body wash and shampoo and blistex medicated lip balm (always a fave for NJ winters) and the Cetaphil wash and moisturizer with the SPF. Hopefully I won't die, and if I do...so does the acne. LOL...Cheers....

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