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NO ONE ever listens!!!!!! legit this WORKED for me!

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My story in a nutshell:

pretty well established model. did my thang.

then one summer- dunno if it was from soy overdose or what.. but my usally clear skin went into HELL

it felt like a disease... nonstop cysts.... hard... leaving dark red marks all over my olive skin.... i literally wouldnt leave the house at one point. i called sick to work. i spent hours staring in the mirror obsessing at how hideous i was- i couldnt believe what was happening to me and literally felt helpless. i wanted to hide and nver leave the house- i stalked acne.org message boards all the time

i tried lemon.... benzol...sacilicic acid.. proactive.. everything int he book- every type of masks etc.

what finally happened?

visted the derm- got prescribed finacea and doxy

fuck the finacea

i took my doxy

and started on ortho tri at the same time

and ocd on benzol (dans bp durin the day with neautrogena cream over it and clean n clear 10% bp at night after cold blowdrying my face (i only use a simple olay regenerist wash) )

and voila- it took time- but 3 months later.... beautiful clear skin. i wake up and i dont even wash my face and i can go out and od my thing.

literally..... wake up... brush my teeth.. walk out the door- no make up- no wash - no nothing- hello world here i am! it's the most freeing thing in the whole world. i remember i was literally a hermit... didnt want the world to see my face.. so depressed so dead inside- now im free. i dont know what did it- doxy.. bc... dans bp regimen... but im clear.. it took time- i had to stop with freaking out of masks etc etc- i was doing a milloon things to my face... but now i'm clear and wanted to share withyou guys that ive been clear for months now. i'm FREE- its an unbelivable thing- its like i dont take anything for granted anymore- i'm so happy.... like i dont care about anything in the world other then that i can finally FACE it again.

so- to all you still trying- i wish u the best man- there's hope- but literallly it takes time- i was on every single board for red marks and miricle cures but literally its just time and patience.

stick with something for at least 3 months before quitting man.... but BP is my miricle...

and acne.org made me feel not alone. i wish i had pics to show my progress but i just wanted to hide forever with my disease man.. never thought id be free again but i am. thank god im finally free again.

good luck everyone. there's really hope. i promise. no one could have been more dead then i was man.... but i'm alive again. i'm really alive. thank god.

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