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Post-Accutane Skin Care

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Hi All! I have 7 more days on accutane. I just want to know what to expect after going off the accutane. Also, what type of skin care products should i start using?

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My derm told me to continue caring for my skin as I was while on accutane until my next derm appointment on March 24th. I've been done with accutane for two weeks now. So I'm still applying moisturizer and washing with dove soap and that's about it.

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It depends. Not doing anything may not be the best choice for you.

After about a month, I started breaking out again, much less severe and only in tiny pimples, so a BP wash helped a lot.

I think standard procedure for derms is to put you on a topical retinoid after Accutane.

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I used a BP wash. I meant to say no retin- a or anything like that. They tell you to use that, but I tried it and it started making my skin weird, so I stopped and then I was clear for four years after that.

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I wish my derm had prescribed me a Retin-A or something. He said do nothing and whilst that may work for some, I would of been happy with a decent maintenance programme after tane. Perhaps then I wouldn't of ingested more tane and been in this state.

In some ways you don't want to mess the PH balance of your skin, but I'll take some minor redness and discomfort over acne any day.

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