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WheatBean's quest for clarity

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I've been attempting the regimen for a few months now, doing the worst thing I could-- not using enough bp. Needless to say, I'm almost back to square one.


Upon receiving the new gel in the mail 2 weeks ago, my adherence to the regimen has become much better (with my own little additions). I'm now down to one active pimple (you know the kind-- not too big, or too small-- but big enough to have a solidness to it underneath my skin) on my left cheek, one active whitehead above/between my eyebrows, and one, potentially forming on my other cheek, which has some redspots and bumps left from last acne attack. Thats it, I'm happy to say, for my face . Hopefully I can be totally clear soon. biggrin.gif

My chin used to be my worst spot, but there hasn't been any new acne there for over a week. I fear one may develop, but time will tell.

Have tons of red marks that I hope will fade-- my chin, my cheeks, and my forehead are littered with them-- I need to be patient.

My acne is odd-- sometimes small zits, most times the larger kind that take a while to die and heal. My cheeks and chin attest to the larger ones of months/weeks ago-- my forehead has tiny red marks from the smaller breeds. Its a persistent mild acne, if I had to classify-- but the red marks make it look much worse than whats still "alive" and kickin`.

This morning did usual routine: wash face with C&C Continuous Control in shower, spread bp gel evenly (using the finger measurement technique tongue.gif), moisturized with a St. Ives brand moisturizer. Lately my skin has been extremely dry-- not red, just flakey, like face dandruff. Will attempt to use more moisturizer-- or use more Ponds Dry Skin Cream.

Afternoon, since I had to get ready to go to school again for an Italian Nat. Honors Society thing, I bathed, exfoliated with St. Ives Medicated Scrub, used a clay mask, spot treated with Duac, and used tons of moistuizer. Hopefully this won't screw up my face, we'll have to wait and see-- I didn't want to do another bp session-- saving it for later tonight.

Maybe I'm taking too many liberties with the regimen-- I rarely use a clay mask, and only exfoliate 2 times a week or so. At night, I use St. Ives Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil, instead of C&C Continuous Control.

Best of luck with your battles!

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At the top left corner of my upper lip, a strange white bump that hasn't hurt at all had formed for... I'm not sure how long. A few weeks maybe? Anyway, it began hurting like a developing pimple... and has now turned red.

I'm afraid this is either a cold sore or a pimple. I don't think I've ever had a cold sore (and even if, probably long ago in childhood), but I could have contracted it possibly.

I'm not sure how to treat it, since I'm not sure what it is. ^_^;; Should I treat it like a pimple, or does the little white bump it was before it turned red and small-pimple like indicate something else?

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