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Body Acne, best treatment!?

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First of all I wanna say this is my first post, and I wish this'll be helpful. I am 15 years old, and for some years since puberty started, acne has been a pain for me. It all started since I was about 12 years old, first in the upper part of my face, then nose, cheeks, etc. It's not like I am horribly covered with acne, thanks God no; but I do, however, get this annoying pimples that grow and make you feel so bad. Now, the worst part is, my body acne. This just lowers my self-esteem, it is just a pain in the a**. When I was like 13. I started getting just a few pimples and small acne on my chest and back, nothink really bad. But as time passed it grew more and more, and now most of my upper back is covered with acne and acne scars. I personally think this is the worst thing to happen to a teenager, you know, we are in the age of dating and parties and that stuff, and for me It's been very depressing when I go to the gym and I can't take my shirt off because people would start staring at my back or whatever. I've tried putting acne treatments on my back, they just won't work. I've decided that I have to end with this once and for all, I can't stay all my life with this thing bothering me all the time. Now, I know there are many products that claim to work 100% effectively and they'll cure you in no time. I, however, know that many times they do not work, and I don't wish to waste 60 bucks in something that won't do anything to solve my problem. Now, my question is, what is the best product to treat and eliminate body acne, one that has worked for you and you are happy with the results. Also, if you can, tell me about good acne scar treatments, which I also need.

Here are some of the best products I've found over the internet:



-Zenmed (2 products that seem to vey very effective: their body acne treatment AND their Scar treatment kit)

Please help me, I guess many of you know what I'm going thru.

Thanks! :doubt:;)

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I switch back and forth between two soaps. One is Basis all clear bar and the other is some hand made soap from Chagrin Valley. I got this scrubby thing that I love...it's long and I can get my whole back. I changed the shampoo and conditioner to some natural ones without chemicals. I also change my pillowcases every other day and wear some 'wife beater' type shirts to sleep in. This has helped my back a ton.

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Hay, I am a girl, so I have a bit more sensitive skin than most guys... So, I had body acne about two years ago, when I was 15. I know how frustrating it can be... having to wear a bathing suit in the summer with huge red bumps on your back, and even having to lay down at night with a new break out. Anyway, just remember to be gentle with your skin on your chest and back as acne will form when the skin is irritated. Scrubbing will make oil production speed up. So, what I would do is at night, before laying down (because I sweat when I sleep with all those blankets...) is wipe my back with a acne pad (clearsil, any brand really). This will get off the sweat and dirt that builds up during the day, especially when your clothes rub. In the shower, I'd use a neutrogena body clear soap with a soft poof. Also, any extra face wash (from washing my face), I'd put it on my back or chest. These are a few tips that helped me. Also, rinse after exercising or sweating so clothes don't rub against the dirt, causing more breakouts. I now, thank God, do not have to deal with body acne. Just be nice to your skin!

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