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Can I use Minocycline for 1 month only?

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Hi everyone! I have been on differin 0.1% for over a year, and recently began using differin 0.3% with lactic/salicylic/azelaic acid and also clindamycin lotion. Pretty good results, I don't really breakout that much anymore other than a few stubborn closed comedones and occasional cysts.

So I have 1 cyst that I've had for 3 months now, sorta lying dormant underneath the surface. But in the past few days, it has become very inflammed without coming to head. It's basically a size of a dime, and very red/purple, deep, and painful.

I found a bottle of Minocycline 100 MG that my dermatologist previously prescribed to me, which I never took. He instructed me to take 1 (100 mg) pill, twice daily. It's not expired yet and I have 1 refill on it still. I am considering taking this for 1 month (or maybe 2) just to help with this large cyst.

But I don't know if this is the right way to go about an antibiotic. I am concerned about the possibility of an intial breakout, or having a huge breakout after I discontinue it. Do people ever take Minocycline for VERY short term?

Thank you!

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My derm is having me take 200mg of minocycline a day for only a month to help get my skin as clear as possible before I start Accutane. Seeing as my doc saw no problem with me taking the mino for only a month, I don't see how it could hurt you. I can't say whether or not it will help, though, either. Some people say they have initial breakouts on antibiotics, and I've only been on mine for a couple days now so I don't know what will happen for me. So far, no breakouts.

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Thank you Ms. Awesome for the reply. You totally answered my question! I am just hoping it will help with my super inflammed cyst, so let's cross our fingers. Thanks again!

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