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First time I took Accutane was in December 2006 - May2007 30mg a day. Cleared me up for about a year until it started to return.

I decided it's time to start a second course, since I'm breaking out every now and then. I went to the doctor, he said it wasn't as severe as the first time, and he said 3 months should do it. Problem is, in 3 months I'm going to Mexico for a wedding.

First question..

How long does it take accutane to leave my system? I heard it's not good to be in the sun for long periods of time, so obviously being in Mexico won't help at all. Should I stop 2 weeks before my trip? Will it leave my system in time so I won't have a reaction with the sun?

That will leave me with 2 and a half months on Accutane. Has anyone cleared up on their second course after just 2 and a half months?

Also, what were your experiences with the "initial breakout" when taking your second course? It's really the only thing I'm worried about and why I put off started up again.

Thanks for you help.

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I would talk to your dermatologist about this concern. You can always start Accutane AFTER the trip, but it is never a good idea to modify the dosing regimine from what your doctor has prescribed you on (e.g. stopping the med for a trip). If you DO start it now and MUST still be on it in Mexico, wear high SPF sunblock and hats. The first time I was on Accutane (starting my 2nd course today or tomorrow) we went on a family vacation to Maui, and I was fine. I was 15 at the time so of course I wanted to be on the beach as much as possible. I believe I used high SPF sunblock, esp on my face, and my mom made me take "breaks" from the sun to sit in the cabana for a bit.

These are all things that can be worked around, but I must repeat, DO NOT modify what you doctor's Rx says. They have you on the regimine for a reason, and how crappy would it be to have to do a 3rd go-around of Accutane because the 2nd course was fumbled with?

Good luck to you!

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