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Help clearing something up (no pun intended)

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I'm new here. I've had mostly moderate acne since the 6th grade about 9 years ago, and up until about 4 months ago, I've had my face covered in red pimples and whiteheads in random locations on a daily basis with a rare day of clarity every couple of months or so before the next onset.

I've always been really self-conscious about them and this lead to a lot of frustration and low self-esteem. Around last August I started researching my options on the internet (strangely, I had never done so before in all those years) and came upon this site. I read about the regimen and decided to give it a try. I tried it with Neutrogena's kit, as it seemed to match up pretty well with the regimen's needed supplies and it was easily accessible. After about a month and a half of doing it every day, my face began getting fewer and fewer break-outs, eventually, I was having whole weeks of clear skin. I'm still getting used to the idea, and even though I still get breakouts, they're less frequent or severe (most of the time).

The reason I decided now to post here is because I'm still plagued by one particular type of acne that nothing seemingly works against and for the past month and a week, I've had one after the other, each lasting about a week and a half (a new record!). After reading the descriptions I'm still not sure whether they're papules, nodules or cysts, and I'd like to know if there was anything i could do to treat/prevent them, or at least their redness or swelling. They're big (about 4-7 mm), red, hard, and painful for the first few days. Then for the next week and some days, the pain disappears and it shrinks but retains its redness and hardness. Eventually, they just fade away, leaving some discoloration. They occur mostly on my chin and side of nose, sometimes on the forehead just above or in my eyebrows and sometimes on my cheeks or on my jaw. I've read some posts with similar problems, usually resulting in a dermatologist consult (I've never been to one before), I'd just like to know what these things are and if there's anything I can do for myself to help.

Sorry for the loooong post (it's been somewhat cathartic just to type it), and thanks in advance.

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