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To 'Tane or not to 'Tane?

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Hi guys,

As you can see from the pic, I have what i'd describe as moderate acne. Luckily for me my chin is as far as it goes, nothing on my body whatsoever. I've tried topicals, spiro, Dianette & Tetrcycline, all with varying degrees of success, but nothing has come close to 100% perfect. I suffer mostly from cysts, these days I use ice/hot water bottles to prevent them surfacing. After 7 years of suffering I have become quite the make-up artist, so no one really knows its this bad but me - of course that makes me an anti-social freak when it comes to any situation where i'm make-upless (swimming etc..).

Anyway, I have a Drs appt on Friday and am planning to take the Accutane plunge. I feel like it can only get better, but am terrified of it getting worse first. My worst fears are a face so flaky & spotty that it looks terrible even if the redness can be covered, also I do suffer from blushing/red face occasionally so would hate it to get really red long-term on tane.

even though its not terrible, do you think I have a chance of being 'cured' on tane? and will it be worth it for the IB I might suffer (I don't scar yet & don't ever want to).

I suppose I just need that final push to go get tane, but am so scared of ruining my life/career, if it gave me a really bad break-out I wouldn't want to even go into the office.

Peeps in the UK: How long did you have to wait to see an NHS derm? Does anyone in the have Bupa? If so, what was this wait like & do you know the consultation fees?



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Not everyone has an Initial Breakout....

and being a girl... makeup can be a life saver.

I just went on tane and I am just so ready for clear skin... there are lots of side effects (but you have to remember you wont get them all)... and for me it's worth taking the plunge.

But you have to ultimately decide whats best for you.

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Good luck with (Ro)Accutane. Like you, I suffer with nodular acne, predominantly on the chin, although I also suffer on the jawline, sides of nose and now, lately, the cheeks. I am 37 (female-UK) and have had this type of acne for 10 years (also had 'regular' acne in teens). I am not brave enough to try Accutane right now. I just wanted to wish you luck with it, and am keen to see how it goes, as the pic you uploaded showed very similar bumps to mine.

I'm taking 500mg oxytetracycline twice daily (have been for 3 yrs) using Adapelene topically, salicylic acid and currently Fusidic acid also. For what it's worth, my back and shoulders, which used to be awful, are completely clear. And for the last 9 months my face was much improved (maybe 3 or 4 at any one time).

But 2 weeks ago my face went mad for no obvious reason and is getting worse on a minute by minute basis (had 2 new ones come up as I have been on this site this evening, totalling 11 on my face).

I had been seeing a dermatologist on and off for 5 yrs (also for my eczema) and here in the UK they have a thing where once you have been referred and seen, then you can just call the derm office to make an appointment if it's within 12 months of your last visit. Sadly, because my skin improved, I stopped going and now it's gone mental again, I have had to go back to GP today to ask to be referred again. Not with BUPA or any other healthcare, just regular NHS, so free(apart from prescriptions)

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