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Alcohol and humidifier questions

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Hi all! :wavey:

So 2 things...

1) Has anyone experienced a crazy stomach ache within minutes after drinking something alcoholic??? I started accutane less than 3 weeks ago and this past week I had a drink with dinner a couple times (I know, I know, you're not supposed to drink on accutane)... within minutes of my first sips, I got weird stomach pains that lingered for a couple hours afterwards. I know I've seen on the boards here that a lot of people will experience more intense hangovers, feel the effects of alcohol faster, etc. But has anyone had an experience similar to this, i.e. getting stomach aches from alcohol???? I guess I'm not POSITIVE yet if it's the alcohol that's causing the tummy aches, but the 2 nights that I had noticably bad stomach aches were coincidentally the nights that I had 1-2 drinks with dinner (mixed drinks... so liquor, not beer).

2) Does anyone use a humidifier at night when they sleep? I haven't seen anything posted here so I thought I'd ask. I was thinking using one may help keep the dryness on my face/lips at bay a little? Also my nose is really dry and I've noticed that there's blood when I blow my nose (not nosebleeds, but ... you know what I mean). So it may help that too... thoughts???? Experiences?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on either or both topics!!! :)

<3 Maria

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I was getting really bad nosebleeds when I first started, and I seem to have adjusted to the dryness and I don't get nosebleeds anymore. I still have a really dry nose, and running a humidifier seems to help with it, especially when it gets really cold.

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ive had a stomach aches on and off.... but i havent really had any problems with drinking alcohol. the stomach thing just kinda comes and goes with or without alcohol

ive been using a humidifier here and there... and for some reason it seems to make me have nose bleeds! haha maybe its a coincidence. but ive had a constant runny nose with some blood in it.... i dont know if theres anything to help it. ive just kinda learned to live with it

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Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I think I'm going to try a humidifier since my nose feels so dry and crusty inside it's uncomfortable! :( Hopefully it doesn't cause nosebleeds like it seemed to do for you, Adrienne!

I guess I'll do some more experimenting to determine if the alcohol is really the culprit for my stomache aches (I haven't had any separate from these 2 incidents I refered to). If it turns out to be... then... weird!!!

Thanks again :)

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