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Acne.org's products vs generic products

Acne.org vs Generic  

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  1. 1. Do you think that it is necessary to buy dan's products, or is just using regular cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, and moisturizer enough?

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    • Generic
    • Doesn't matter

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I think that Dan's products are made with the needs of regimen users in mind. That means the cleanser is meant to not overdry your skin or irritate it with extra fragrance, the BP is meant to apply evenly without clumping up and to absorb invisibly, and the moisturizer is meant to be really moisturizing for BP-dried skin. His products aren't necessarily the only ones with these properties, of course, but they are also very large and relatively inexpensive per ounce, so you don't really have to sacrifice the quality of the regimen supplies you use to get a decent deal on them.

The BP is, in my mind, the product I would have a very hard time replacing out of the three main ones. The primary 2.5%/5% BP alternatives I know to Dan's gel are prescription BPs (drying, can be inconvenient to get), Proactiv/AcneFree/etc. BP lotions from the kits (very expensive when sold on their own, overly fragranced, don't absorb as nicely), and Neutrogena On-the-Spot and other white creams (expensive per ounce, runs out quickly, tricky to get to absorb, clumps up easily). Dan's BP is just leagues better than these other BP products in every respect and once you try his, you won't want to switch back.

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I don't think it matters, but Dan's been burned at least once that I know of. Eucerin Skin renewal plus SPF 15 was the hot item on this forum for a while there but they discontinued it. Also manufacturers have the perogative to change their ingredients at any time, so I could see why Dan could get sick of chasing them around and elect to make his own product.

Just for cost, though, non-acne.org may be more affordable, so I'd generally lean towards that for the cleanser and moisturizer. Also just bought jojoba oil from health food store which helped me save on shipping. Like has been said, though, Dan's BP Gel is leagues above others. If you have any kind of choice, please don't waste your time on anything else. It's just not worth it!!!

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Definitely acne.org. I seem much clearer using his cleanser rather than purpose gentle cleanser. Also flakiness is much more under control using his moisturizer rather than Olay complete. As other people have already stated, his BP is magical.

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