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My use of Sa + Benzoyl Per-

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What i use on my face-

(Cream cleanser) Salicylic acid

Benzoyl Peroxide

(Moisturizer) Salicylic acid

I also have Salicylic acid + toner in a more liquid form, also a Mask i use once a week manly on sundays so i don't get confused.

-My Progress-

I've had and have been using these produces for months, and like most ppl its an on and off thing one day it'll be ok and the next i'll look like crap. I also used some scrubs and washed my face with a wash-cloth more and more.. I thought that the more i do for my face the faster the results. The only result i got was more ACNE... So over the months before i came to this site it just got worse and worse... I really ,wish like all things, i would have gotten some instructions on how to use the product correctly as in how much to apply and how long to wash my face with it.. Reading in most of this its best to use ,less pressure on the face ,and less of the product.. it doesn't matter if you use the whole tube in one night your face isn't going to take it all in.

I've had the WORST skin, it wld peal and and i'd have dark spots all over, if your wondering im African American, having darker skin and acne DON'T go together. Anyways my skin has gotten much better using these products day and night and now that i do less to my face im getting the results i've been looking for!

-My Type Of Acne-

I have really sensitive skin and i scar easily.. At fist i had it all black and white heads, cysts, zits, dry skin you name it. Slowly but surly i started to get my face back to where i could stand to look in the mirror without crying like a lil BIA!! LOL, NEways, What im dealing with now are dark marks, and acne on the back of my jaw-line a few spots here and there, also on my cheeks. I now deal with white heads a lot and im trying my best not to touch them as much... I always had a question about white-heads if you don't pop them... WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GO.... RIGHT???!! Well like i said not touching them... and they seem to be going away, i apply a little more of the Benzoyl on those areas and it seems to be working just fine!

-For Scars-

I use Ambi fade cream. This cream is made for ppl of color, i did use bleaching cream but it just seem to kinda make it worse... With Ambi you get more of a natural skin tone then just bleaching that one spot out. I used it for about a week in a half and it worked wonders, BUT at first it was leaving me with pinkish marks around the dark marks so i stopped using it for a few days and it's going away, i think it might be beacuse of the Benzoyl (BZ)... from my stand point i think BZ renews damaged skin or i should says heals it. for my skin...


I was trying to do to many things at once, clearing up my skin and trying to take away the dark marks, also i was having some health issues... You can read this on adult acne. i'll be telling my story in hopes that someone else will learn from my mistakes That i made last year... Im not sure what else to put but if your using Sy- acid and you have dry and sensitive skin try a Cream form of Sy acid it should work the same just less harsh on the skin. Also while i used the AMbi my skin cleared up but im guessing because i stopped touching my face all the time i wanted to make sure the product was working its magic!!!

If you have any questions please let me know!

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Hey I know how you feel. I was using all kinds of stuff figuring the more i used the faster it would go away. The SA would dry out my skin too much though so i was cruising through some websites i found this one blog where it talked about this stuff called theraputix and it's more of a natural cleanser i guess. I tried it out and it worked really good for me. I think partly because it kept my skin from drying out so much.

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What brand is your SA cream? And does it dry out your face? I have really sensitive skin too so thanks for the cream suggestion!

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I also have sensitive skin, and I use Dermalogica's Hit the Spot, it's 2% SA and it's really good.

and Ambi Fade Cream works for me, I like it a lot, but I'm white.

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