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Why Do Some Dermatologists Say No Moisturizer...?

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I have noticed in some rare occasions, including mine, that dermatologists recommend to patients that they do not use a moisturizer while on drying medications such as Tazorac/Retin A/Differin, etc.

This always seemed odd to me considering in a lot of these medication's websites they stress the use of moisturizer due to peeling and irritation.

I am just wondering if anyone out there knows a good technical or scientific reason that some dermatologists are against moisturizer...? My derm was very passionate about this and made it seem like using a moisturizer would end up causing me harm.

I know everyone's face is different, but my face is definately one that dries out easier yet I maintain to stay away from moisturizer due to my instructions and although I have to deal with some dead skin I am indeed preventing new acne (on tazorac)... I guess I am just curious as to why moisturizer would make this process worse off when I wish I could use it for the dryness....?


Hope everyone is well.

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All I can think is that so many moisturizers contain comedogenic ingredients and many people are not well-informed (don't thoroughly check ingredient lists). Also, some people truly don't need one even when using topical treatments. If you are really dry and do need a moisturizer, check every ingredient against lists like these:



Personally, I use watered down vegetable glycerin with great success (one drop of glycerin in my palm and then 10 or so drops of warm water, then tap onto face) when I need it. I haven't had success with any moisturizers sold as such.

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