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found this on Pubmed

not sure if this was posted here arleady but it cud have been. basically suggests that low sugar intake coudl mean low acne...so basically what some posters here already know.

one thing interesting i found was that SHBG was found to be low in the high GI people. low shbg = acne..and, i'm a drinker of green tea (decaf) for acne purposes. apparently (tho ihave not found any studies in my very brief attempts at researching) green tea increases SHBG. which could be the reasoning behind green tea preventing acne.

shbg binds to androgens and inhibits them from functioning, i believe.

edit: never mind this is like the first link posted in the clinical studies topic pinned at the top hahaha

i got excited

anyway...why are some docs out there still telling us that acne is not linked to diet? roaaaar

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any one have a link to clinical studies showing green tea = higher shbg?

"There are also, however, two health enhancing compounds that elevate SHBG levels while offering additional health benefits and are side effect free. Green Tea Extract elevates SHBG while having the added benefit of reducing estrogen levels, which via an SHBG binding route can upregulate androgen activity."

"In addition to a significantly lower incidents of most types of cancer, including prostate cancer and breast cancer, the oriental population whose traditional diet is abundant in soy isoflavones and green tea catechins have a drastically lower overall incidence of androgenetic alopecia and acne compared to the US."



"The factors regulating the increase in SHBG with age appear to be different in the two sexes. Insulin plays a major role in women, whereas a decrease in IGF-I is the predominant regulating factor in men."

Source: Sex differences in the control of sex-hormone-binding globulin in the elderly: role of insulin-like growth factor-I and insulin

This may not be completely relevant to the topic we are discussing, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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