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I am so glad I have found this place on my night shift! I am 25, and I have suffered from acne from the age of 14. I went to my GP's and then to the dermatologist and got given the 'dream' drug Roaccutane, though for me it didnt work, it made my skin drier but it didnt touch the actual spots. So then my dermatologist put me on trimethoprim and dianette (3 yrs later) and finally my skin had cleared up (scars still there) but it was all grand. I was on dianette for 6 years and was told that I should come off up, so I went onto Yasmin for a couple of year but recently I was geting horrific headaches (and in my job I cant deal with them and having to do 12 hour night shifts!) so I came off it and shock horror my skin is terrible again! Its probably not as bad as it used to be but at 14-18 its more acceptable to have bad skin, at 25 not so much!

Its doing my head in, I am on antibiotics again and if it doesnt get better soon I am going back on the pill, Does anyone know which other pills are good for acne prone skin??

I suppose I had best do some work, anyhoo I feel a bit better for getting that off my chest



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This is my first month on Apri. I'll let you know how it goes. BTW, accutane didnt do a thing for me. I'm on spiro right now and I haven't seen any reults yet (only on my 3rd week) What is trimethoprim?

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