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Sara J.

What I've been using for the past month.

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So about a month ago I moved into my new apartment and subsequently had to downsize a lot on my bathroom stuff. I have little sink space and it caused me to throw out all the acne products that hadn't worked for me before. I kept a benzyl peroxide cream (5 %), some Olay moisturizer, and my biore face wash and scrubs. I never was adamant about using a total system and have always subsequently had pretty crappy skin. In high school my skin was really bad, cystic pimples and lots of blackheads, but as I've gotten older it's mostly just mild-moderate acne with the occasional pimple.

I use the biore revitalize foaming face wash 2x a day. After I get out of the shower I pat my face dry and combine about a dime-size amount of Olay moisterizer with a small amount of the benzyl peroxide cream. I find if I put the creams on separately they don't work as well.

Usually I get breakouts with PMS, and this month I have been INCREDIBLY satisfied with my skin. I've had ONE major pimple instead of like 4-5 and it's the week before my period! It's amazing. My skin is significantly less shiny during the day and some of the darker spots near my lips have cleared up. I still have blackheads on my nose, but I really don't mind because they are not as bad as before. My face is a lot less red and I only have to wear a little bit of cover up daily now. (I use Pixi cream foundation) It's amazing how my skin has just completely changed in a month. I will continue to take good care of my skin!

Product info:

Biore Foaming Face Wash (Revitalize)

Olay Complete with spf 15

Mary Kay 5% Acne Cream

and drinking lots of water and taking my vitamins!

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