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Okay, I have been using the AcneFree BP for about a week now, and my skin hasn't gotten better yet. My face is very, very dry and I have to use a ton of moisturizer (Cetaphil). The very first two or three days my face cleared up and was almost perfect for one day-- I didn't even wear makeup to school that day. I was really super excited because nothing ever seems to work for me. However, the very next day, I broke out horribly and I'm still breaking out now. I did start my period yesterday, so maybe it is due to that, especially since most of it is along my jawline, upper neck, and the lower areas of my face (which are the normal areas for hormonal acne).

So I'm wondering... first of all, how well has AcneFree BP worked for anyone? I saw a thread comparing AcneFree to Proactiv which really discouraged me, because from my personal experience, Proactiv was TERRIBLE and made my skin 100 times worse. I'm really hoping that AcneFree will turn out better...

But anyway, if anyone would like to share their experience with AcneFree... it would be much appreciated. I have some questions.

1. Was there a noticeable initial breakout?

2. Has it cleared your skin? If so, how long did it take?

3. What other products are you using with it? (cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc.)

ALSO! Has anyone tried a cleanser from Aveeno? I have never used it until my mom recently bought some for me and my sister... I haven't heard much about Aveeno, so I'm wary about having to use it. :shifty:

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Bah, more spots popping up today. Already. As soon as others start to heal, more come up.

This is miserable.

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1. Yes I had a horrible break out in the first few weeks. I practically wore a hat for 3 weeks.

2. But it's been a couple of months now, I don't have the horrible cluster colony zits as I did. But I do have a lot of old lesions healing...looking reddish and brownish. I still have a handful of large white pustules....unfortunately.

3. I am not using the AcneFree BP you are talking about, but just random face wash like DHC glycerin soap, or DHC Salycilic Acid Wash. Then I just lots of 5% BP all over my face. Then I use Cetaphil Daily SPF 15 moisturizer w/ 2-3 drops jojoba oil. The oil helps w/ the peeling from the BP. At night, I take off the makeup w/ DHC deep cleansing oil, follow w/ more BP, thin layer of AHA over the trouble areas, then moisturize w/ Cetaphil Cream and few drops of Jojoba oil.

Don't give up, I've been reading that it can take a few months to be clear. As for trying other products, too be honest...I'm just using random face washes because I'm trying to use up all this stuff I've bought over the past few months in desparation of clearning up my acne. After I use up the DHC stuff, I will use OTC stuff like Neutrogena Oil Free Cleanser, or something like that. Aveeno is supposed to be a good brand...I would check it out on the Reviews section of this website.

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Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I've been using the same BP consistently, and it still hasn't really helped. =/ I don't really know what else to do. It's been about a month and a half and still no results. I've just finished up the Aveeno cleanser, and my mom is at the store right now getting me something new to try-- I told her to get either Oxy or Cetaphil face wash.

Okay, I would like some help in determining what would be the best thing to use for MY acne. I'm pretty sure mine is severe, not just moderate. I don't usually break out that much on my forehead and upper cheekbones. The majority of my acne is on the lower half of my face, particularly on my jawline and not ON my chin, but kind of the area around it. I get these spots that are barely raised at first, but quite red, then some of them end up getting big and hurting a lot, and some of them just kinda hang out on my face without getting much bigger or more painful. But then stay foreverrr. Most of the time,they don't come to a head, even when I can feel something kinda underneath... like they'll feel tender. I think these are either nodules or cysts. I also get normal papules and pustules. Oh and blackheads and whiteheads. Basically, I get everything. My skin is TERRIBLE.

I don't know what to do. :( I can't afford to go see a dermatologist. I've done Accutane before, and my acne came back after just a few months. I feel like a lot of my problem is perhaps hormonal, because my period is extremely irregular, and my acne occurs mostly on the lower part of my face, and my neck. But we can't afford to go see a GYN either, so I can't get BC even though I bet it would help, at least a little bit.

UGH. HELP. :( Nothing ever seems to get better.

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