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LALISSE - is working for me!

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OK, I wrote about this product LALISSE last october/november in the Adult Acne section. I bought the starter kit from my local chemist. I am in my late 30's and have tried everything, from OTC to Roaccutane twice. I was getting so desperate that I was even contemplating getting Proactiv. But luckily before getting the PA I found Lalisse, which is alot cheaper than PA.

The reason I am writing about this product again is so I can give an update. I have not had any active acne for around two months. I usually get cysts, especially around my menstruation. I have NOT had any cysts since using Lalisse! If I hadn't tried it I probably wouldn't hve believed it. I'm almost too scared to get too happy for fear of my acne returning lol. I look in the mirror every morning and cannot believe I don't have any painful zits on my chin.

The product worked so well for me that I am now on my second bottle of the serum (number 1). The kit came with the serum in 5ml's. I used all of that and decided I only wanted the serum - not the rest of the kit. The serum is the product that works best for me. Anyway, I bought another bottle of the serum (10ml's). And I will NOT stop using it. I use it every day/night. It smells very pungent, almost like a menthol smell, but I don't care...it is working for me.

I am NOT in any way, shape or form involved with this product/brand in a personal/commercial way. I am sincerely telling you my story AGAIN in hopes of helping others who have suffered from acne. I don't know WHY exactly it is working. I just know that it is. And if they ever stop making the product I will freak out! I was MORE than a little skeptical. but now I am so grateful to the people who have made this product.

Guys, I am not exaggerating. It has been a godsend for me. If you see the product I would advise you to TRY it. If it worked for me it might work for you.

Goodluck and regards.

I'm putting my Adult Acne post in here because the product has worked on ALL of my acne (cysts and minor pimples).

Ingrediants in the Serum no.1


ethyl alcohol (I know, I know, alcohol is a big no no usually, but the stuff is working for me so that's what matters)

apricot seed extract

peach seed extract

ginkgo seed extract

chinese angelica extract

sanchi root extract

sophora root extract

thunberg fritillary bulb extract

powdered pearl extract

Most of those ingrediants I have never heard of but I thought I would write them down anyway. Someone here might know why some if not all of the ingrediants are good for treating acne.

Goodluck guys.

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