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Acne aftermath

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I've had acne on and off for several years now. It wasn't that bad when I was younger in my teens and early 20s. Mild at its worse. However I ended up moving a few years ago to a region where it stays hot all year round. I'm guessing that's why it has been so bad these last few years. Or maybe cause I was stressed in combination with a variety of things.

Anyway 2008 was a horrible year for me. I stayed inside my apt almost all year. I tried a bunch of acne solutions but finally went to see the dermatologist. I was so against going at first because the ones I've seen in the past seem to be full of it and the medications they described always made me feel sick and/or didn't work that great. So my new dermatologist turned out to be great for acne and it completely disappeared in a little over 2 months. I am finally happy its gone but now faced with scars! I had no idea it would be this bad but I guess these last few years were pretty bad on my face and really screwed it up.

I'm going on my vacation in 2 weeks and have been trying desperately to make myself look and feel better. Which I have succeded a great deal in feeling better. Changed my diet, stopped drinking, started exercising, multi-vitamins, positive attitude, etc. I feel better than I've ever felt, except the self esteem issues with having scars. It seems like the only holding me back from feeling and looking exceptional.

I'm in my mid 20s and know having acne/scars during any period of time in your life is a challenge. But damn I don't want to wait till I'm almost 30 to really start socializing/dating again (if even my scars would be better by then). I really want to enjoy the rest of my 20s with a sense of joy and excitement and be able to look back in the future saying wow yeah I totally lived it up.

I just had a chemical peel done 2 weeks ago. I thought from the way my dermatologist talked this would really help. I even scheduled another one 2 weeks after. However after seeing hardly any results and some additional scars. I canceled the 2nd appointment.

I've read a ton of reviews and information on this site about various procedures to correct scar tissue. They all seem sketch and very expensive. The only one that seems promising is the Active/Deep FX and even then some people are saying it barely helped. I guess its better than making it worse though.

So yeah not sure what to do with my boxcar/rolling scars. They aren't that bad I guess. I have some hyper pigmentation too but that seems like the easy one to fix. I'm really more worried about the scars. It bothers me a lot sometimes and others it seems ok. To give you an example when I wake up in the morning you can barely see them. Is that normal? Is it because my skin is rejuvenated from sleeping or hasn't had time to get blood flowing through it? It doesn't seem that bad during the day either and I guess has a lot to do from the angle I'm looking at it in. I've looked in several different mirrors and sometimes its like wow it looks ok and other times I feel horrible. Especially at night time before going to bed, it most always looks bad. Is that from a normal day of getting worked up or are the shadows at night causing the craters to look more evident?

Well I know there isn't an easy solution especially in 2 weeks. I guess I'll be seeing another dermatologist or plastic surgeon soon. At least to see what they think about my specific scarring and an estimate so I can save up.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free. I guess I'll be ok if I don't think about it much but sometimes it just kills me and seems like kryptonite for an otherwise superman attitude.

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The best cure is time my friend, most marks will eventually heal... what doesn't the best option is the doctor.

I found that dermatologist dont really help with scars at all, so I would suggest a plastic surgeon

Another thing you need to understand, just get out there and socialize. Do not let acne affect your life, of course its easier said than done. BUT people dont care about it as much as you think!

DONT let it control you, YOU CONTROL it

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