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Makeup application to "fill" in your depressed acn

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Does anyone have a trick for using makeup to fill in their scars or evening out their skin texture? I get to tired of having uneven skin texture from these @#$^& scars!


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I've found that....powder!...works really well for smoothing out my skin texture problems. I have a ton of really large pores (small icepicks?) that cause my skin to look like it has a rough texture, but with a little powder, my skin looks pretty darn smooth even from 12 inches away. biggrin.gif Uh, except for the zits, and the huge dents in my face when I smile, that is. sad.gif

Obviously, powder will only do so much, though. I don't know how bad your scarring is, or if this would work for you. In fact, it's so simple I'm betting you've already tried it, without much success. But I figured, what the heck, it's what works for me, I might as well throw it out there.

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Thanks Zha!

I have moderate scarring mostly in the form of SEVERAL rolling scars with a few ice picks thrown in - the texture of my skin is like ground meat! Well okay, not THAT bad, but you know what I mean...I was wanting to avoid using opaque makeup like Dermablend because it's so heavy, but I haven't found any regular foundation that works really well to "fill in" the scars I have on my cheeks & temples. I am currently using Revlon ColorStay Natural and it's so-so, but better than anything else I've tried.

May I ask what powder you use?


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I use Cover Girl "Clean," and that seems to work pretty well for me. I have to admit though, I haven't tried very many different kinds of powder, so there's probably something out there that works even better.

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Oh yeah--I should probably mention that the powder thing seems to work much less well on nose pores. At least for me. 8-[

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