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giant cyst on chin help please

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god it feels like my whole chin is just red from this one spot. My skin looked great like 2 days ago, and now it looks like shit because of this one cyst. I desperately want the redness, size, and pain to go down so I have been doing hot compressions. Any other suggestions??

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I have the exact same problem. My face in the past couple days just broke out with a bunch of pimples, and not the little-bitty harmless ones. In the past what's worked for me is Clean & Clear's 10% benzoyl peroxide. I could feel what felt like a nodule growing on my chin--I got lucky and caught it early. I applied the benzoyl peroxide once an hour or so, and it went down within a day. I've heard you can also pick a lower dose if the 10% is too strong. It doesn't always work--alas, not for me this breakout around ;_;--but it has helped before.

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niece had a real problem with cyst like acne on her chin. she finally figured out that the toothpaste she was using was definitly causing it. Even carefully rinsing with a cup etc., she would still break out from it ! Now she uses toms of maine, their non whitening toothpaste. the cysts finally stopped. she also has gotten very clear by the following. by watching and avoiding large amts of high glycemic foods, and iodized salt (avoiding restaurants who use it). Washing her face carefully after shampooing& conditioning her hair (she takes vinegar and water 50/50 to her face to dissolve all those ingredients in the hair products) and she is now using the blue & red light bulbs for 7 minutes each. she also continued her b.c. (yasmin) even though it did not seem to work at all for several months. hope this helps

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