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Guest Jon Failinger

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Guest Jon Failinger

I have struggled with acne, and I have been really self conscious about it, no matter how bad it was. I managed to see a dermatologist several times and they prescribed me meds but I'm just too impatient. When I came across this website I was very inspired and the most I would do it was maybe a week and then I would quit because of laziness or just frustration. What I do is use a 2.5% BP face wash in the morning then I use cetaphil moisturizer, then I will usually take a shower and use a light soap on my face and then before bed I will use cetaphil wash and then 5% BP. Is this a good plan...is it too much...too little? I have a real problem staying motivated and sticking with it, and I am almost to the point of doing whatever is necessary to get rid of it...any suggestions on how to stay motivated and keep it up?

And one more, I have had mild acne on my chest, and from time to time I would pick at it and now, these white-head looking scars or something have formed on my chest, they are hard to see if your'e not up close but you can feel them, and I was wondering what that was...scarring or what? They are definitely not white heads because they do not pop when you pick at them, they just get really red and bleed a tiny bit if you irritate them enough. Any ideas?


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