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Name: Sam (not real name).

Age: 16 (had a birthday on January 10th, 2009).

Acne: mild + red spots for 4 years.

Products I use:

Antibiotics: Roxo (Roxithromycin 150mg) once a day, it's Israeli product so you won't find it if ur not from Israel.

Topical: Rozex (day and night). Zinc (Clamin), it's white so I don't use it much.

Cleanser: Dr. Fisher (really bad one, I use it cuz i's very cheap, I can't afford anything now).

Other: I also take multivitamin complex from Herbalife, "plants enriched with vitamins and calcium, green" also from Herbalife, I use it only becuz it has green tea extract which is really good for acne.

My history with acne: I suffer from this hell since I was 12, the first time I went to the derm was only when I was 15 (a year ago) which means I started taking care of it only now :(.

My 1st derm put me on Roaccutane (20mg once a day) which made my face really really dry, I felt really sick while using it, had the exact same side effects as a pregnant woman, morning sickness, if I smelled something I either would be sick or wanted to eat it emidiatly,

I've taken it for a month and then stopped cuz my mom was worried about me, I lost 5kg (2 pounds) while taking the drug, and believe me I'm skinny so it's really bad for me.

I lost my muscles (I had pretty good chest, legs, abdoms, biceps).

So anyways, two weeks ago, I went to other derm which is probably the best in Israel, he suggested me blu/red light therapy, since Roaccutane is not good for me, can't afford it now, it costs 1000 USD, so he just prescribed me Roxo antibiotics and Rozex topical gel.

I have almost zero break outs now, but a lot of red marks, little scars and black heads.

My regimen:


1) Wash my face with Dr. Fisher cleanser.

2) Exofilte with soda.

3) Putting Rozex all over my face (red marks).

02:00 pm - 03:00 pm:

Taking my antibiotics, Roxo.

Multivitamin complex.

Green peels from Herbalife.


1) Wash my face with Dr Fisher cleanser.

2) Egg white+lemon mask, keep it until it dries, wash it off.

3) Topical Gel, Rozex again all ov

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