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pepe j

been to derm, still bad acne, need advice

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my acne is getting steadily worse so I'm here for some advice

2 months ago i went to see a derm. it hasn't got worse since then but it hasn't gotten better either

so in the morning first i wash my face with warm water,

then i apply some avene eau thermale moisturiser,

i've also got a bottle eryacné eyrothromycine (don't know if that means anything to you, recommended by my dermatologist) meant for drying out spots. i usually put a drop on the biggest spots

i've been given antibiotics aswell: doxycycline monohydrated 100mg. I've taken one every evening for 2 months now

before bed i wash my face with a cleanser (avene eau thermale )

then i apply a gel (différine adapalène 0.1%) its meant for drying out the skin i think

i usually burst whiteheads (good or bad??) and push all the pus out then put some disinfectant on

i usually shave every 3-5 days, shaving cream from avene eau thermale

apart from that i do a lot of sport and eat reasonably well, i'm 14 so a lot of it is probably down to hormones :(

btw all these products were recommended by the dermatologist

a pretty through presentation ^^ with pics aswell








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Ok,I didnt look at all the products your derm suggested,but here are my thoughts.

Since you are very active in sports,make sure you take a Zinc supplement.Zinc plays a big part in skin health,oil production and hormones,and excess sweating can deplete it from your system.50 mgs a day should be good.

Differin can take up to 12 weeks to see the full results...but if you really feel it isnt helping,I would go back to the dermatolgist.usually they set up a follow up appointment with you anyways to make sure it's working for you.

Try not to pick at your face AT ALL unless the pimple clearly has a head and is begging to be popped.Otherwise you are just spreading around more bacteria.

Hope it works out for you.Hang in there. :D

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