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does jhonsons baby powder(the white one) cloges pores? Is it ok to use it to my pimple prone face?

I've been using Johnsons baby powder for years to set my foundation and have never heard of it causing breakouts. Now, in my 20's I used it gernerally all over my face when i wanted to achieve that "Matte" look and at that time i didn't have any breakouts. When i got into my 30's I backed off the powder in certain areas like around my mouth and chin because they seem to be more dry and the powder will only increase that.

However, I still to this day, every day put a little in the T Zone, and a little on my forehead which gives a nice smoothe, non oily appearence. I have never had any breakouts in this area. It really is a great product, as long as your not allergic to talc. I use the one that says "Pure conrstarch with aloe & vitamin E" Also, you want to be careful on how much you use, because it can turn you white, lol, I've made that mistake before. But, make-up artist have been using it for years to set the foundation, and it really does work, just be cautios on how much you use.

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Umm... why would you want to put baby powder on your face?

because my face is oily... anyone here using jhonsons baby powder? will it clog my pores??

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