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before acne i was outgoing but no more then other, i was a popular guy always hung out with the other guys , rarely id go on dates because of normal feelings of asking girls, but it was normal... acne made me into a hermit, i never went out i shyied away from friends and girls, no self esteem, it was soo bad, looking in the mirror every 5 seconds... untill one day my older brother sat me down and told me how he had seen acne take over my life, he wanted me to go out and enjoy my senior year....i decided to start a therapy where i did everything i was afraid to do because of acne so that i wont be so scared of what ppl think and rebuild self confidence, i basically said fuck you acne, i was so made at my acne i was like fuck you im not letting you stop me....... i started out by going out in public, which was hard for me, i remember reallllly freaking out about it, but i know i needed to do this, at school i was so self concious the first day i was so scared, but as days turned into weeks i aclamated and it felt normal i wasnt worrying antmore, the next step was to go out on the weekends which was hard but i forced myself and now im more comfortable to leave the house, and right now im preparing for a date to the movies because i forced myself to ask out this pretty girl....

the therapy is that of an OCD person, introduce dogs to a person scared of dogs(example) over and over again, then petting the dog, then being alone with the dog. over time the person isnt scared of it....

by no means am i saying im cured of my mental emotional paranoia of acne but im trying... anyone out there with me who wants to try this out, it is working for me

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How does someone use the word "acclimated" in the appropriate context but doesn't capitalize any letters (except for an acronym)? Sorry, I just found that amusing.

Good for you. Acne is a pain but it should, by no means, hold anyone back. The thing about the therapy you mentioned is that you have to be self-driven. It's really a question of "how bad do you want it". In your case, it appears as though your brother was a big support for you. Some aren't so fortunate. However, there's great support on this message board.

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