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Here's my story:

I'm 21, a senior in college, and have had mild acne since 15-16, never really to the put where i'd go to the derm; it wasn't itchy,painful or THAT noticeable although i would have a couple new pimples every day it seemed and i did acquire rosacea i believe. I would wash with Purpose cleanser and that would be fine. Twice i went on Doxcycline for a couple months when i had a cyst and it cleared up fine. However, 2 months ago something extremely weird happened to my face and since then my life has really went downhill. My face (mainly nose area) and forehead got really dry/oily all of a sudden and i ended up having massive breakouts in these areas. My nose area is redder than ever and throughout the day it feels sunburned or like there is a constant pressure on it. It also cracks every now and then. My nose and nose bridge have tons of little bumps which sometimes become larger pustules. My chin is also breaking out more often, however i do not have breakouts on my cheeks or neck area, mainly just the center of my face and forehead.

All the time, except for when i get out of the shower, I'm distracted by my face because it literally feels disgusting. Basically I'm finding it very hard to concentrate on school work, career and relationships since I'm so self-conscious of my face. I never want to go in public and socialize and during winter break I stayed in my house pretty much the whole time. I've been scarring much more easily which has made me very depressed at times. I'm starting to think that the slightest scratch from my fingernail on my face will cause a permanent scar. I never touch my face and rarely pop because of this, but i still somehow end up with indented scars. It's most obvious on my forehead that only had a chickenpox scar before but because of these past 2 months must have 10+ obvious scars.

My regimin since 2 days ago was basically just:

-Wash with Purpose cleanser in the morning (and night sometimes)

-Moisturize with Neutrogena oil-free for sensitive skin

When i get of the shower i have a film of dead skin/moisturizer on my face so i try to wipe it away with my finger. It seems to help somewhat in appearance but doesn't change the way it feels and just comes back the next day. I changed my diet to not include any dairy and i stopped eating sweets and fatty foods. I started taking fish oil supplements as well as a multivitamin.

Well i wasn't seeing decent results, my skin felt and looked the same, so I went to a derm this past Tuesday. He said i have seborrhea and gave me Desonide among other things to treat it. He said he thinks I've had it for a while but it was triggered by the cold weather and is why my face has drastically changed.

However, I've been reading about seborrhea and it says your skin is supposed to be scaly and itchy. I think this is true for my eyebrow area, which itches like hell and looks like eczema is there. It's also caused my eyebrows to thin as a result of me touching that area throughout the day. So i applied Desonide twice to my eyebrows and it sort of feels like it's working but I'm worried about using it on my face, since it's a steroid. I'm also reluctant to believe i have seborrhea on my t-zone since it isn't scaly and doesn't itch as much as just feels sunburnt. The area is redder than normal however (although i've had a red face for a couple years now) so i think he might have mistaken that for seborrhea? I'd really like a second opinion but it will take 2 months till i can see a derm again.

He recommended this regimen, which I started 2 days ago.

-Wash face 2x/day with Cetaphil antibacterial soap

-Desonide 0.05% 3x a week

-Tetracycline 2x a day

I'm also moisturizing day/night with Cetaphil daily moisturizer

So i guess i'm wondering if you feel this regimen is appropriate for my condition or if you have any suggestions? Can anyone relate to the sunburnt/pressure feeling on nose area and t-zone?


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When I shower, and pat dry face, I just see dead skin all over face. Everyday. It's like I reproduce skin too quickly or something. I use to have red face or it gets red easily. I haven't been putting anything in it lately so it doesn't get all red. Thing is, I hated the dryness. Yet my face is oily, but it's dry and flaky. I use to use toner and all sorts of stuff for acne. I think I have seborrhea. If I wash face with anything, even moisturizer soap, my face flakes and looks really bad. Even with plain ol water, it does the same thing.

Since I get the deadskin off pretty much everyday and put soemthing on face, I guess it'll hide the fact I have seborrhea ? I don't know, but since I remove the flakes, it doesn't flake up as much. Except when I eat. I don't want to go out and eat because sometimes it'll be very noticable. Right now I just wash face with normal warm water. Then I put some Emu oil on as a moisturizer. I can still eat and flake, but if I don't wash face with any type of cleanser, it doesn't come out as much since there's still oil all over my face.

Now why I get acne? Well, the dead skin is on face and it clogs the pores. If I can somehow tame the flakes, maybe I wouldn't get all the acne. It's very mild right now, but I have it, and to me, it's bad.

What I'm prolly going to do is, get some sort of antifungis cream for face, put 2x a day for a few days but 1st wash with some sort of dandruff shampoo on face and head. I noticed just recently that my hair is flaky. Then put some sort of moisturizer on face. Maybe hydrocortisone moisturizer or something. I don't have an intense itching, but I sometime feel an urge to itch around face/hairline/hair area.

About the pressure feel, well. My face would feel very tight after wash, and would take a few hours for my sebum to moist my face, but if I smile or open mouth, I guess it feels like it burns, but I guess that's streatching the skin. Unless I put a moisturizer for a few days.. I don't know if I relate or not, but meh...

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I can relate to a lot of what you said, especially the itching, the numerous tiny bumps, and the oily-yet-flaky skin. I struggled with that for 2 years. Turns out I had fungal folliculitis, and not acne. I have it very much under control with Nizoral, the dandruff shampoo.

If this looks like what you have:


Then check out this thread:


Good luck!

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