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Ummm.... Not to me it doesn't! :chuck:

I have given up hope in all products long ago. The site has all the characteristics of a scam:

-Money back "guarantee"

-100% success rate

and finally

-A celebrity as a so called "poster-child"

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It does not actually guarantee results. Just 100% money back guarantee, that's the only place I see a mention of 100%. There are success stories, of course. The site is created/maintained by Neutrogena and thus not so scammy. Out of curiosity I tried the free assessment and the recommendations aren't all wrong, some were quite accurate. But I'm not about to pay $40 for something I have already cobbled together from other over the counter products that work well for me.

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I filled out their skin iD evaluation service and came up with the following products:

- Foam Cleanser (2% SA)

- Anti Acne Treatment (2.5% BP)

- Hydrator/Moisturizer (2% SA)

It can't be good applying BP and then SA immediately afterwards.

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i used skin id. it work really well on my skin. at first, i was really upset because it irritated my skin the first week and made me breakout a bit, i grew very doubtful, however i decided to stick with it and after about a month i began to notice results. my skin did get dry, but nothing a moisturizer can't fix. you have to stick to the regime and follow it though or else you won't see any results. my skin id evaluation was 14 cream cleaser (2.0% salicylic acid) 32 anti-acne treatment (2.5 benzoyl peroxide) and 72 hydrator (2.0% salicylic acid). yeah, it does sound crazy to apply salicylic acid after benzoyl peroxide, but i waited at least 20min. to apply the hydrator after applying the anti-acne treatment and used the regime once a day at first so my skin could adjust to it. i did get the occasional pimple every month, but nothing too serious. oh, and another thing the ingredients seem similar to the ingredients you may find at your local drugstore, but i can assure you they're not. sure, the active ingredients are but products contain more than one ingredient in them and i compared skin id ingredients to the once in the products sold at the drugstore and they were nothing alike so don't think you could find something like this for a cheaper price at a drugstore, because you won't have much luck. anyway...try it. you'll never know. it may actually work for you like it did for me.


i also took vitamin a, b6, and stress b-complex when using this product for better results.

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