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fastest way to ridding the backne

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Ok so i have a few questions because this "backne" sprang up on me and it kinda got a little crazy...

What is the most reliable fastest way to get rid of it, or have it somewhat under control without ordering anything online, maybe just going out to the store or whatnot, i just dont want to spend 100 dollars on a product that wont work!

i have been using hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alchohol, been doing this for a few days as i read that the results are by far amazing...

if anyone has any other suggestions such as the vinegar, the lemon juice?

also, toothpaste i read works, how does it necessarily work, as nobody really explained it.. and how long do you leave it on before bed? All night, 15 minutes?

ALSO, i heard that if you rub neosporin on the acne marks and acne that it helps diminish? has anyone experimented with that at all???


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You need to be using something. I went on vacation for 1 week without Neutrogena body wash, and by the time I came back, my back was torn up in sores, acne, and scabs from all the stuff.

There is no fast way I don't think. It is my last mission in the fight against acne. I have been to bacne war for several months.

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Recognize some of the triggers of back acne and acne in general. Common acne triggers include stress, greasy and fatty foods, tight clothing, improper bathing after excessive sweating and even carrying a heavy backpack. While these triggers may not be the cause of your acne, they certainly make matters worse, so eliminating them as much as possible will help you to successfully treat the problem.

1. Use a loofah to exfoliate the skin every day in the shower before you wash your back. Loofahs are available on sticks for easy reaching and should be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks.

2. Apply a generous amount of antibacterial soap to a clean washcloth and gently scrub your back after exfoliation to help kill the bacteria, which is the actual cause of acne.

If it is hard to reach problem areas, try gripping the washcloth behind your back with both hands, working up and down the best you can. For antibacterial soap to work, it must be in contact with the skin for at least 30 seconds. Finally, make sure that you use a new, clean washcloth every day.

3. Allow your back to dry thoroughly. Treat current pimples and prevent the formation of new ones by applying an even layer of cream or gel that contains 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, available over the counter. Unfortunately, if some areas are hard to reach, you will have to recruit help.

4. Treat acne further by applying a light layer of lotion with AHA, or alpha hydroxy acids, directly on top of your benzoyl peroxide application.

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