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Red Scars are Bad

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Hey guys, obviously i'm new here, and I need help!

I'm 15, i've had acne since 12, and boy did it come unexpected... To cut to what's important, i've recently been getting a lot of red/brown marks on my cheeks and cheekbone... It's really annoying because people think it's more acne when it actually isn't... in fact i'll go bold enough to say that my acne was close to gone, but the red marks made it seem like it was always there.

I've switched regimens quite often within the past year, but this is what I've used lately:

1. Bioderma Purifying Cleanser (It's a blue gel)

2. Bioderma Non-rinsing Cleanser (Liquid I use with a scrub)

3. Bioderma Corrective Care (Creme, moisturizer?)

4. Benzagel 5% BP

What are your thoughts?

I doubt what I use is sufficient, but the only aid i've had is my mom, who I don't think has ever even suffered from Acne before.

If this regimen sucks, can you guys recommend something I could purchase at my local Shoppers Drug Mart? I really, really, really want to get rid of these annoying red marks!


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Sorry I don't know how good your regimen is because I've never heard of the products but if your acne's cleared up because of them then maybe you should stick with them. I've had good results with the taping method and applying jojoba oil before I go to sleep. I've now switched to Kama Ayurveda's miracle fluid which seems to be working too but it's very expensive so I'd stick to jojoba oil at least at first. I've found that as long as there aren't too many dead skin cells on my face and I use a good moisturizer/oil the red marks are gradually improving. In fact, I'm really shocked at how much better they've become in only a matter of a week or so. Everyone's different so you may need to experiment to find what works for you. Good Luck.

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