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i have mild/moderate acne and had have tried everything on the market but don't want to go onto drugs, due to side-effects and other things ive heard. A few nights ago i was browsing the site as i usually due looking for a quick fix to clear my acne and i realised to do this i have to remove the possible causes and keep them out of my life. From reading other's posts i am 100% sure my acne is due to diet. Not only diet, i believe i had a strong intolerance to gluten and possibly dairy. I also used to eat loads of carbs in starch and so have high lievels of sugar inmy body. I've cut these out of my diet for the meantime and increased the amount of veg i consume. Although its only been a few days, i can notice an improvement in my skin and i feel much better in myself. e.g much more energy no more headaches.

I started taking half a teaspoon of tabasco everynight. I remember reading that one teaspoon of tabasco counteracts 8 teaspoons of tabasco. So any sugar consumed is counteracted. It may sound stupid but it seems to be working.

So really theres no quick fix to acne. it takes time.

Just wanted to know what you all thought of this and would love to hear whats worked for you, so others can read and begin the route to clear skin. thanks

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