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Flax Oil / Avocado considered as Fatty Foods?

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For those agree that fatty foods trigger acne, would you classify flax oil / avocado to be in that category?

The body still has to process the high fat content similar to if you eat steak frys or chips albeit healthier in the case of flax or avocado.

I recently started to eat flax oil again [i drizzle it on toasted lavash with sea salt] and notice that my face is producing more sebum and some spots.

After about 10 years of this battle, I have learned a lot about my body. I am starting to think that my body has some problems processing fats thus expelling it through the skin, but that is another topic.

Open to hear what you guys have to say.


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A lot of people have trouble with flaxseed oil (including from what I've read some bad reactions), including myself. I know it has a lot of omega 3 and is supposed to be anti-inflammatory, but I stay away from it. Have you tried fish oil at all or are you a vegetarian?

I think the problem with avocados is that they don't really have a great omega 3:6 ratio. I try and avoid stuff that skewers the omega 3:6 ratio (like nuts as well).

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