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Bacne Treatment and Progress w/ Pics

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Hi all. I am new to the forum and have decided to join after reading alot of helpful information. I have ordered the Regimen products and will post pics of my progress when the products arrive in the mail and I begin using the regimen.

I've dealt with body acne since I was in my mid teens (I'm now 32). I used to have it on my chest when I was younger but that seemed to dissipate with time and now it is only on my back and I pretty much thought it would be something I'd have to live with as I have tried every over the counter product you can imagine.

Since discovering the site I've purchased a few things from CVS to give them a try, one being a 10% BP bar of soap which I use in the shower. I've noticed improvement and it has only been about 4 days. I'm hoping with the Regimen BP gel, cleanser, and AHA that I can finally get rid of the bacne for good. I eat healthy and have good hygiene so I've always suspected it was caused by hormones. Funny enough, my parents have never had any skin problems.

The Espom and Sea Salt soaks have been good for me in the past but have never completely cleared it up. They would basically stop the inflammation and dry the acne up but it always seems to return and I don't have the time or presence of mind to soak in salt water everyday for 1/2 an hour no matter how miraculous some say it is.

Mind you my bacne is not severe, cystic type acne, it is just as if I am freckled with zits all over my back. By the time some go away, more appear. It's an ongoing process.

I look forward to using the regimen and updating on my progress and reading any comments and/or advice anyone has to offer!

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