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What is this called?

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Sorry, I know there are other posts with similar content, but I didn't feel right intruding in someone else's thread.

Anyway, can someone tell me what kind of acne this is? I have these bumps all over my forehead, and they're depressing the hell out of me. They're particularly noticeable in good lighting/sun light. It's no fun walking around at 32 years old with 100 little pimples across my forehead :(



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They look like papules to me. Do they sometimes get inflamed or do they always stay as under the surface bumps that don't get sore? Check out the mild acne portion of the forum, particularly the sticky threads. Lots of helpful info regarding your type of acne there. :)

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Hi everyone, I just thought I'd come back with an update. Last year when I posted that photo, I had those kinds of bumps all the way across my forehead. I couldn't even bear to take a front-facing shot because I was so embarrassed about how it looked. Over the next year, I tried EVERYTHING including:

Diet modifications (no caffeine, sugar, dairy, etc. drinking tons of water, blah, blah)

All OTC cleansers, topicals, lotions, etc.

Keeping my hair off my face, not using any hair products (spray, mousse) so as not to cause more clogging

Changing my pillow case daily

Steam room

Exfoliation (St. Ives Apricot, gentler products, baby brush method)

Prescriptions like Differin, clindamycin

Supplements like DIM, zinc, niacin, and everything else recommended in these forums

Aspirin masks, apple cider vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, jojoba oil

BHA, AHA, salycylic acid products

I even tried nothing at all and just let my skin chill/recover for a while.

I spent well over $1,000 on all these treatments and dermatologist visits, but NOTHING WORKED.

Then two weeks ago, I bought some Nizoral cream (2% Ketaconazole) on the off chance that my problem was some kind of fungal infection rather than acne (also an idea from this board). And what do you know? The Nizoral works!!!! My forehead is now 95% clear of those stupid bumps and I look and feel like a whole new person! I am sooo happy right now and had to share in case someone out there is going through something similar! :dance:

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