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I have this pretty big cyst on my cheek that's getting that kind of shiny soft look, like it's filled with fluid just under the surface. I've applied heat for days but it doesn't look like it's going to be coming to a head anytime soon. I can't afford a cortisone shot but I don't really want this to stick around.

In the past when I've gotten these, I've successfully managed to drain it by puncturing it somehow, and I want to do the same with this.. what would happen if I carefully sterilized a needle and just gently poked the surface to try to drain it a bit? Has anyone tried this or is this a HUGE no-no?

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I had a huge cyst on my cheek and had a random derm look at it when i didnt have health insurance...

and she injected cortisone, well the cyst went away but it left a huge like dent on my cheek like if u run your finger through my cheek u can feel a wide whole......

and when i smile it looks like a deformed dimple....ugghhhh i wanna kill tht bi****

bout a month after, i got another one on my other cheek and took care of it myself (since i didnt have insurance still), i waited for it to get soft and with a needle and syringe drained the sh** out of it.

it worked and was pretty nasty.. AND I DONT KNW IF ITS A NO NO BUT NUTHN BAD HAPPENED TO ME.

then after i finally got insurance i went into the urgent care at kaiser because it takes like 2 months to see a derm at kaiser.ughh and the doc prescribed minocycline and a topical cream called clyndamicin and im addicted to this antibiotic it cleared my skin so good..... problem is after i went back to finally see the derm he scolded me for not taking birth control while on mino and for being on it for so long....

so i had to get off mino and like 2 weeks after started breaking out again...

so i was like screw that im taking the rest of this lovely potion... and sure enough my face cleared.. and ever since ive been taking mino off and on....

I guess antibiotics are bad because they kill all the good bacteria in ur intestines but like i eat yogurt everyday....

I still have the remains of an old cyst by my mouth it just feel hard and looks kinda purplish but i manage to cover it with make up.

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If it is really a cyst- then you can poke at it all you want but IT WILL NOT DRAIN and will only make it look worse and last a lot longer.!!!!

the only thing you can do is get a shot, or just wait for it to go down. it will take a long time time to go down.....

OR---- have you tried the rosemary and peppermint oil? (see Maurawar post --Cystic pimple remedy)

I used to get cysts that would not go away-- I would go get shots- that were painful and left scarring until I tried this remedy that worked awesome!!! go check it out...

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Umm, do not poke a cyst with a needle, it will take so much longer to heal, because it will add an additional "scab healing" phase to the whole ordeal.

And as for WishUponAStar, if you get a collagen shot, it will fix the hole in your face.

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Don't...don't...DON'T try to pop or drain a cyst or nodule yourself. Not only is it extremely painful, you'll have deep scarring. You can ice it down. It helps me a lot. Or you can go get a cortisone shot.

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