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I went to the derm on wednesday... and she said I looked really good so she was like, stop taking minocycline but I'll give you a refill anyway.. Just take it if you really need to.. So I stopped taking it, wednesday was the last time, and today I noticed a small outbreak on my chest... EEEEEHHHHHHH.... I'm so sick of this back and forth shit.. I just wanna take minocycline for the rest of my life so it doesn't come back... OH, and she doesn't know that I have acne on my chest or back (actually before this I DIDN'T have it on my chest and it's getting much better on my back because of H&S) but still ...



sorry .. I just ... GRRRR.... *gets control of self* I'm going to go take a shower and bathe myself in H&S! *staggers away muttering*

wow.. I feel so much better lol.

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Hey, at least it isn't on your face :) I got a bit of a breakout on my chest a week ago and now I have 4 big red marks there, embarrasing when I get changed for P.E :s

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Rob: yeah, I'm SO glad I took PE last year when I didn't have acne on my back (at least I THINK I didn't, lol) true, I'd rather it be on my chest than on my face. Anywhere is frustrating though.

Sips: Nah, I'm not gonna take Accutane because minocycline (WHEN I ACTUALLY TAKE IT , heh) has done a lot for me... So, I'll continue with that, I've seen so much improvement. Glad it worked for you though, I'm definitely not ruling it out for the future if push comes to shove. :)

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Wells think on the bright side (i hope there is one >.<) at least you dont have it on your face :]

P.S I think that lady thought the medicine was for your face and thats why she told u not to take it anymore because your clear...wells you should've corrected her because she couldn't have seen your chest ^^'....mhmm...no??

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You might fill your prescription and then taper slowly off the minocycline. That may help prevent any flare-ups. You can't be on mino forever though! It can lead to other problems later on, trust me - I learned that one the hard way!!! I developed body folliculitis because I had been on antibiotics too long. It was MUCH harder to get rid of than acne.

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^Woah, thank you for letting me know. Yeah... I think I'm going to take 100mg like every other day... (my previous prescription had been 200mg per day) so, yeah... Thanks guys. :)

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