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For those who took Accutane dosage 2.5 / 5 mg per day average

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Hi :)

I've used Accutane years ago. I started at 18 years old up to my 22 years old with 20 mg per day average so I can't remember exactly the initial side effects I've had. I'm 27 years old now and I'm taking it since Thursday, a 20 mg pill each other day. I've headache and slightly dry lips just after the second intake on Saturday.

My question is for the people who started taking the extremely low dosages I've previously said and better if it was from the beginning of the treatment.

Anyone suffered dry lips so fast as I've got them or headache, even starting with 2.5 mg average per day or 5 mg?

Thank you ;)


P.S.: how long to get rid the oily skin?

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I used Accutane for 6 months with 20mg/day and it worked pretty well in two first weeks. As per my dermatologist the course was for 6 months and I completed that. Now I have left it and again my face is full of acne. I heard Accutane would solve this problem permanently and I will never have to see my dermatologist face again. I believe these medicines are useless because when you leave them you will end up having the same acne again.

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It's the same opinion I have. Isotretinoin it's completely useless once you left it. There are a lot of people with second and even a third round of Accutane without achieve the famous "remission". I've had a moderate and not a severe acne and I've taken 500 mg / kg of cumulative dose with a "remission" of 60% for my acne which wasn't a severe type. That's 3 to 4 times more than the normal cumulative dosage which is 120 to 150 mg / kg. Who knows if that remission was the natural age or because the drug. I'm sure you won't add any "extra" remission with a higher cumulative dose than 200-250 mg / kg.

I've read the size of sebum glands won't never have the same size after you left the drug but it's a fact the drug has a limit and it's much higher than the derms or isotretinoin companies says and I can see that on the second and thirds rounds topics of the forum without results when they left the drug. That's why I prefer these low dosages. I'm not stupid any more following "remission fantasies" after my giant intake. I've a slight to moderate permanent damage in the joints of my knees and I can't run just walk. I only can use air shoes like Nike which is the only reliable and almost "therapeutic" brand I can trust for my injury.



Actually, since a week, I'm taking 20 mg each 4 days. I've very slight dry lips. It's very comfortable and I can make the treatment without suffering. When I took 20 mg each other day my organism felt so bad. I know maybe you need a week or two to not feel headaches, etc but I think it's better not to accustome your body to the punishment of a drug with high dose.

Also I guess the famous Initial Breakouts alias IB are not "hidden acne" under the skin, they're breakouts because the bad reaction of the liver to the drug on these stupid high dose the USA derm$ use. Sometimes people without any oily skin have breakouts because a very heavy or bad food, etc., as I said, a bad reaction of the body because a punishment.

As you know the drug companies give to the physicians "gifts" after a certain number of prescriptions under their brands like travels, etc. mainly in countries with unethical Health Care Systems like USA where they money it's the only that matters and the patients care it's just a fake so differently to England, Denmark, Sweden or New Zealand for example where the people health truly matters.

I'll take this low dosage for four years waiting the SMT D002 drug. I've a thread and additional posts about it as its technology, etc:


After 6 month I'll take a dose of 20 mg per week for maintenance. Much people says 10 mg is enough for that and even exists treatments with 10 mg per week for very mild cases so also this dose it's slightly cumulative but I won't take the risk and I'll take 20 mg per week.

Because the almost non-existent side effects on a isotretinoin low dosage you can use a Salicylic Acid (also called BHA) mild topical products with a pH of 3.2-3.5 to be an efficient product without any problem. If a friend pharmacy could prepare to you a cream-gel without any oil or wax with 0.65 to 1% of Salicylic Acid pH 3.2 and 12-15% of Bentonite (an excellent and fundamental clay, almost colorless to your skin, just a little imperceptible white which will absorbs a lot the excess of sebum) would be ideal. It's what I'm using in order to wait the good effects on sebum production of isotretinoin low dosages in 1 or 2 months. It leaves your skin very soft in perfect conditions.

Bye ;)


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