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Okay so I normally wear blush but decided to go back to bronzer because I like the look better. Why would I cover my redness with foundation just to add more redness on top? I prevously used Bare N Minerals Warmth Bronzer but it was breaking me out.

SOOO Last night I used the Rimmel and as the night went on I touched my face and felt a new pimple coming on. I'm not sure if it was caused by this or what the deal is.

Has anyone else used this and if so did it cause you any problems? Or, is there anything in it can cause you to break out?

Please and thank you!

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I don't think the Rimmel bronzer caused it because pimples take much longer to form than a few hours. Perhaps it was the blush? or the brush you're using if it hasn't been cleaned in a while? Could be from a lot of different things! :shrug: I doubt it's the actual bronzer, though. I've read that it takes about two weeks for pimples to form so that's a good length of time to wait and see if new products are causing acne. HTH

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okay yeah I don't know what exactly was going on with my skin that day but I've been using the bronzer almost daily without much problems. Thanks everyone :D

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