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As a 36 year old male, I have put up with acne long enough. I have used Dan's web site as a source of information and consultation. Acne has been a source of frustration and despair since I can remember. I have wasted a great number of hours of my life worrying about my face.

I told myself if I ever found any thing that helped me significantly, I would share it in this forum. I am not selling anything. I am sharing what has worked for me.

Here's a little history. Two years ago I decided to fight acne. I tried Dan's regimin with little success. I visited a dermatologist, with less success. I tried Salycilc acid, B5, Zinc, Tazorac (big cysts on nose and cheeks), Finacea, Dr. Bronner's soap, Head and Shoulders Shampoo, Neutrogena soap, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, Dan's alpha hyroxy lotion, jojoba oil, cutting out foods I enjoy (take your pick).

I wondered why couldn't I be clear. Why did I suffer? My face was always oily and I have been told by my dermatologist (and some posters on this site) there was nothing that could be done about excessive oiliness. But I truly believed the oil was the reason my acne was bad.

My face is a lot clearer than I can ever remember. Almost 100% clear, but let's not jinx it. Here is what I have used to ease my pain, in order of application:

1. Cetaphil's antibacterial soap. This was the first thing I have ever used that I thought made a huge difference on its own.

2. Cooper Labs SEBAN. I have used the pads, liquid, and applicator. This significantly reduces the oil on my face. Not 100%, but noticeably.

3. Dan's acne.org BP (full application is at a full pump)

I wash my face 3-4 times a day. During the "week," I shower in the morning with a full application of #1-3. When I get home from work, I will briefly wash my face and apply a smaller amount of SEBAN and Dan's BP. At night, I will wash, wipe with SEBAN and apply the BP. On weekends, I add a brief wash, SEBAN and BP when I wake up.

I have found that food moderation works well for me. I avoid overindulging in most foods (except alcohol).

I am going to check this post and try to answer any questions I can. I am not selling any product. SEBAN reduces (but does in no way eliminate) oil production on my nose and forehead (big time problem areas),

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Hi Kerr,

Do you wear makeup? I am guessing you don't, but I could be making an assumption. What type of acne do you have? I am desperately trying to find something that works!

I first started the Cetaphil approach a month ago. It's actually the original formula( for dry skin). I was told not to use anything on my face and not to extract my pustules (even though I am a certified esthetician). It was to regain my face's natural PH balance. That worked, my skin became siginficantly clearer and then it pooped out.

I get pustules among pustules on a daily basis. Cysts, red spots...oh, I hate it! The less is more approach seemed to make sense but now my face is a mess again.

I am just curious as to how you wash your face only 3-4 times per week (well, the way you were explaining it). If I don't wash my face, it literally smells bad. It emits the most revolting smell akin to sour cheese. YUCK! I find that I have to wash my face twice a day or I go crazy!

Thanks for sharing and thank you so much for listening :)



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...I wash my face 3-4 times a day. ...

Isn't that much washing irritating? It would be to my skin.

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Sorry Kerr re:makeup, I am reading far too fast and missed the whole, YOU are a male...but hey, my ex wore makeup to help create the illusion of a clearer complexion. I didn't care, if anything I totally understood!

Oh and I misread your 3-4 times washing regime...Thanks Gime. I am so spaced out today! I will have to agree with Gime, seems a little excessive. My Pharmacist said the most a person should wash is 3 times and that is with a mild cleanser that contain the least SLS.

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No, I don't wear make up. In the past, I have used cover up to keep me going during the rough times. I always believed only 2 washes per day were necessary. In between washes, I would throw water on my face if it got too oily. When I switched to the Cetaphil Anti-Bacterial soap, I would switch out the "throwing water on my face" with a quick wash. When I wash my face in the morning and before bed, I gently lather my face pretty good. When I get home from work, I add a quick wash, coat of SEBAN and a small amount of BP. My face is dry, but clear. I have not had the need to add a moisturizer yet. My face seems a little flaky, but clear. I'm choosing to live with the flakes and slight dryness.

When I added the quick washes, I was at a pretty low point. I had tried Dan's regimen and it did not work. The last thing I did before switching to the Cetaphil was trying Head & Shoulders shampoo as a face wash. My discovery out of that was how harsh products can cause pimples from their harshness.

Concerning the BP, I use a full pump in the morning and bedtime wash. On the "touch up" washes, I maybe use a dime-sized amount.

As to what type of acne, I've had just about everything. I had whiteheads and blackheads. My obsessive nature made a lot of them worse by picking and squeezing. My nose has been a particular issue for years; and large painful cysts on my nose were the reason I quit tazarac.

This last switch I made (October) is probably the most gentle approach I have ever taken. When Dan's regimen didn't work the first time, I was bouncing between Neutrogena soap and Dan's cleanser. They were both gentle, but neither really made a difference. The current soap made a difference from Day 1. Since it wasn't 100%, I experimented with the SEBAN and then added the BP. It has been relatively clear sailing since then.......

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