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Getting over the habits of acne

I've known a few people now who have cleared up their acne but still feel very self conscious and as if they still have acne.

this is no surprise of course, especially for long term sufferers of the condition. I had cystic acne in 2001, cleared it up for most of 2002 but got it again, and have only just gotten clear now in 2004. It has been one hell of a ride (my album is top page one i think - MATTOB) but i have a hard time feeling "comfortable in my own skin". When u have had a condition for so long you begin to forget what life without it was like, and the habits you form can be very hard to break. Is this common for you guys? Do you find yourself thinking "if i was clear tomorrow there would be nothin i wouldn't do" but then when u do get clear(ish) u cant just switch it off can you. The psychological effects of acne are very under studied, IMO, and things like Body Dysmorphic Disorder, while having been recorded for hundreds of years, were only recently even named as a condition. ](*,) are we just all patients of western society? Do people who have to struggle to survive each day care if they have pimples? As devastating as acne has been for the majority of us, we still understand so little about it all. Even the exact cause of acne is still elusive, yet we can get men on the moon (supposedly lol) and probes to mars, answer questions about the beginning of the universe and how everything is relative.....we know more about unified quantum theory than we do acne! lol, i think if we ever do get a chance to get our questions answered by god or some supreme being, i'd ask first "why do u never see baby pigieons" and secondly "what the hell were u thinkin when u created acne!!!!"

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hey sorry to hear u had a bad day, i had 359 bad days last year. lol

Man, it's gotta be said, baby pimples are just those little itchy b'stards you can feel under ur skin. Like real babies, they are small, but cause a whole shat-load of mess in a very short time.

kick the baby, don't kick the baby!!!!!!

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