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hi,just wanna share my feeling to everybody here who supposed understand me and has the same experience,im so sad,irritated coz im not like this before start when i got this pimples on my face then i start put some cream of it and scrub it until it burn and become acne im so upset 4 what ived done so i try to treat it went to pharmacy to bring some cream and he gaved me panoxy to dry it then differin but the marked didnt remove at all its been 3 months now its very irritating to me im having a bad mood becoz of this,coz i used to have a nice face and without any pimples now i haved this spots marked in my face and im desperately want to removed it pls anybody try to help me im a mother of two,and having a bad mood was not good for my children coz i feel shy to go outside becoz of this spot pls any body help me who will read this letter im begging.

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hi sorry its been so long n no1 has replied

thnk u for sharin ur feelins i know its a hard thing to do

ive had the same experiences. i think the worst part about acne are not even the pimples its the marks they leave behind. but not every mark is a scar. there is a differnece some marks are just red/purple/brown marks left at the site of an iflammatory lesion. these marks can last from 6 months to 2 years but will eventually disappear

if its just scars ur dealing with i would suggest that time and patience are the best healers n maybe u could try some make up to boost ur confidence. if u have inflammatory acne i would suggest going to see a dermatologist if at all possible. they are really worth every penny

try not to let it get u down(lol i know easier said than done). if u let it drag u down it will take over ur life trust me

i wish u all the best in ur quest for peace

Kate x

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