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Back Acne, Long term red bump won't go away (picture provided)

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Those are called keloid scar or hypertrophic scar.

I just happen to see my dermatologist today for it as well.

Yeh, the only possible way to get rid of it is to inject steorid by dermatogist. She also said it is mainly a layers of scar from inside. The inflammation might already be gone since mine was also more than half year now.

She was not willing to give me the shot, because she said that steriod will trigger more acnes. But I had one shot before, it does at least flat the skin for me. I don't care if it trigger more in the future. Chances are you are not always get those cyst type acne. If it is other type of acne (white head or black head), i can always deal with it. I just hate to touch my skin with bumps, make me feel like a toad.

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keloid's result from injuries do they not? this bump was raised slowly over time. i never had an injury.

Yes, they can, but apparently that's not their only cause for forming because I've never been injured where my keloids are now. Sometimes they develop from pimples or are just spontaneous formations. Many people's keloids form these ways if not from some kind of trauma to the skin. I actually recently discovered a keloid in the works on my forearm, and nothing happened to my forearm there. *sighs*

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