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Had a little hard weird thing on my face ... poked it with a needle and now its weird.

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So one morning I woke up and there was a little weird hard knot type thing in my skin. I left it alone, thinking it'd go away, but literally, MONTHS passed and it was still there. It was pissing me off like crazy, but I left it alone, hoping something would work out.

Well, a few days ago, I got really annoyed so I just pricked it with a needle, ready to pop it (I was kinda under the impression it was a blackhead,) and started squeezing like crazy. Well, nothing came out except a watery, clear substance; and ever since then I left it alone :|

But its turned into a bright-red, very unpleasing, weird thing on my face. I was under the impression it was a scab? But I guess not, the entire area is bright red, as if I have a pimple there.

Its extremely frustrating; anyone know what it is/what to do?

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LOL i actually have one of these things. i have this little hard thing under my right eyebrow.

i call it my eagle eye lol. ive had it probably for 10 years now. i tried messing with it one day too...thought it got something out but nothing changed when the scab healed.

whatever...you gotta live with it. a lot of people have random bumps and what not hat never go away. a derm probably the only one that actually knows how to get rid of it for good.

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It could be a cyst that's dug deep into your skin. You could ask your doctor about it and see if he could remove it. Also, I heard tea tree oil is good for cyst. I use to actually use it and it helped with my acne, but I stopped because I started using skinID because my aunt suggested it to me.(check out my gallery of pictures to see how well skinID is working for me. :])

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I've had a really small one on my finger for years. :| I have no idea what it is; it's whiter than my regular skin, and hurts if I snag it--I've chopped it off with finger nail clippers several times, smoothed the surface, moisturized, what have you... I hate it. :doubt: Not a zit, but I'd like to know how to get rid of it.

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