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Switching from Doryx to Doxycycline

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Hey I've been on numerous acne treatments and the best by far for me is the name brand doryx. However, my insurance no longer covers the drug so I'm being switched to the generic, doxyclycline. Is there going to be any intial break out or where the generic not work as well? Thanks in advance.

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I was on doryx and switched to a generic doxy due to the cost. It wasn't a big deal; my stomach got a little upset after I took doxy. They are the same drug but doryx is time released so it has less of a tendency to upset your stomach and you can take it with milk if you want. You can't take the generic with milk or dairy products because the milk deactivates the drug pretty much. The overall effectiveness of the drug DID NOT change. I thought of it as this. Doryx is a Rolls Royce, comfortable on the stomach, less picky about how you take it and gets you from A to B. The generic doxy is like a Ford, gets you from A to B without the luxury. To combat the upset stomach, I took it 2 hours immediately following a meal (the earliest you can). That worked well and if you can't do that, well prepare to have an upset stomach for about 45 min after you take it. Nothing unbearable though.

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Nope, I didn't see an initial breakout on Doxy. Had a stomach ache the first night after taking it. That's all for side effects. Worked pretty well.

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