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I Know Myself

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I know myself better than anyone else, naturally. I'm sure you know yourself better than anyone else.

so i am NOT going to stop trying to learn more, become more aware of acne, rant, complain about my acne, or listen to other people here about there regimens and current situations.

Rather, I am just going to stop listening and doing other members' regimens and attempt accutane again.

accutane is for those who have tried almost everything and none of it was effective. i was one of those people. accutane helped me, and ever since i got off it came back. but it was the only drug or method that helped to clear me.

i read that a second round of accutane for people with my case clears them up.

so instead of trying all of these holistic methods such as the caveman regimen, no water, flawless diet (i eat healthy anyway [for me no impact]), loading up on supplements.

i'm not putting those down, because they work for other people, just not me. and i am happy i finally realized that.

accutane's side effects only affected me mildly while my skin cleared up perfectly... for the time being, so i am more than willing for a second round...as long as my parents are too. my liver is still healthy.

what i have found that works for me to clear up my skin:

the sun

rigorous exercise (soccer practices which happen to be under the sun)

soft water


my problem is overactive sebacious glands set off by puberty. this points to accutane.

i dont expect any replies, just thought i'd throw in my two cents.

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gl I just took my first pill today of sotret (40mg) have my fingers crossed ;)

good luck, i started on 40mg and stayed on 40 mg of isotretinoin for 3 months= clear.

now you could be faster or slower, but don't give up! don't let it take control of your motivation..

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I agree with you.I havent tried Accutane,but I also know myself pretty well.Acne is so different for everyone that one size just does not fit all! We have to go by what works for us.I say if Accutane worked for you and you had no bad side effects,then go for it! :D

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