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I been reading this forum for long time. I took the holistic approach with my acne and redness and it helped me a lot. But i cant seem to get rid of this patch of redness. Now i was prescribed steroid creams before. The more recent one is elidel which i tried but it doesn't seem to help. Also this patch of redness is only on one side of my face. So i was just wondering what exactly is it. And maybe some of you guys could recommend something to me. oh yeah the redness intensified after i got sunburned in summer it winter now and the redness is still not coming down. I tried AHA solutions which seem to help but my doctor told not to try it. So i was somewhat desperate when his staff is not working i tried mine. Also i been using Emu oil with no significant effects yet.



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hmmm i experienced something similar, redness/dryness on one side of my nose, for a little while. I think it was due to the red/blue light lamp I was using, because it went away after I stopped using the lamp. If you use a lamp this could have something to do with it. If not, I'm not sure.

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I have had several things come to mind as far as products that you can use.

I have had the similar problem on my right upper lip that only happened after my acne started healing. I have been using the water only method for a week, and it's actually been the only thing letting it heal. Dont pick or scratch! If it itches, it's healing!


Your doctor can prescribe Aquaphor-which is good for so many types of things.


Naturally, you can try a product called Miracell-my grandmother had skin cancer removed from her nose, and after the skin graft wasn't taking, even after aquaphor, the doctors were ready to do another graft-and my uncle that owns a health food store had her take miracell, two weeks later she was healing. You also might want to check into some skin vitamins if you aren't already taking any. Look online to call your herbal store locally for "Miracell"


Or, if you cant find it locally, also try asking your herbal store for a sollution made from "Melaluca"

Or you can check this website


Hope some of this helps sweetie good luck.

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