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Moisturising with Oily Skin...

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I've got really oily skin and i've started the regimen without moisturising...

Is this really bad? My skin is starting to dry and itch a bit so will using moisturiser help a bit with that?

I'm just worried the moisturiser will make my skin too oily...

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Read here first: http://www.acne.org/faq.html#oily

After you've been on the Regimen awhile, you may find that you don't need to moisturize twice a day. Currently, I only moisturize at night. During the day, if I need it, I just apply a bit to any dry areas, but I don't smear it all over like I do at night.

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I've also always used to have oily skin, but I've noticed that my skin has become noticeably less oily since I've started Dan's regimen and slathering on all the moisturizer (i think it has to do with my skin finding some sort of balance.) It also seems that the more I moisturize, the less oily I am. Plus I find that the BP really helps to make me less oily too.

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If you're dry only in certain areas, apply moisturizer on those spots only. For example I tend to get dry around the mouth and cheek area. I moisturize there and leave my t-zone alone.

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moisturizer will make you more oily. FOR SURE. i have tested this SO many times its not even funny.

its not just OIL coming out of your skin, its the actual moisturizer mixed with oil/sweat. if oil is going to coming out of your skin, why WOULDNT some of the moisturizer come out with it? the more you put on the more that will seep out.

maybe try moisturizing at night.

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