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I used to break out consistently since I was in my early teens till 4 months ago (23). I have tried all the commonly recommended products which never worked for me at all. After all this time I must say that the regimen is the only legitimate product I have ever used. I absolutely do not get any acne anymore, it has been over 4 months since I've had any problems.

My question though is as of the last 2 months or so I have only been using the cleanser and still maintain these results, and it's only once a day at that. I think my acne was caused by excess oil production so I think this explains why I have been fine with just the cleanser. If that's the case does this mean I can maybe get away with only using the cleanser from now on?

Another concern I hope I can get help with is I have had these left over red marks for almost a year now and have seen very little if any fading. They were caused by the most severe of acne I had which seemed like cysts but I'm not really sure. They were larger than normal and hurt a little bit to the touch. I went in to see my dermatologist about the red marks and he said they are red marks and not hyper pigmentation, is there even a difference or does this guy not know what he's talking about? He also said after a year if they haven't left they are considered permanent, which I find hard to believe but he is the only dermatologist around here and I don't know what to do. I have tried apple cider vinegar and Dan's AHA and don't notice any changes.

Lastly I have this pimple that used to be large, possibly a cyst that has been there for a long time, basically the last zit I ever got. It has gone down somewhat, but it's still there and when I feel around where it is it feels hard under the skin. Are they supposed to last 4+ months? There is also a dark spot over where it is and I'm worried this may turn into something permanent. I have been using BP and Dan's AHA on it to hopefully speed up recovery but it seems to barely make a difference for it.

If anyone knows about any of this please let me know as it is constantly on my mind. Thanks for any advice.

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That sounds like me, like exactly like me, only difference is I'm 22.

The doctors I've had did nothing for my red marks and just tell me they are common and will fade in time.

Right now I drink a lot of water, eat healthy, and take zinc supplements. It hasn't rid my red marks, but I think a healthy diet exercise and the outdoors prevents further problems.

I'm trying turmeric right now for red marks internally and externally, it's my first day on the regiment, as I've heard good things, but probably end up disappointed.

I go on cycles.


1. Search for cure

2. Hear about a product that might work

3. Convince myself it's going to work

4. Get giddy and happy

5. Try the product

6. Find little to no success

7. Get depressed

8. Repeat

I'll be on this cycle for the rest of my life or until I find a cure.

Best of luck.

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See the red mark you mentioned that feels hard underneath, it's possibly a blood blister - a small pool of blood that gathers during the formation of a spot/zit and doesn't dissipate like it should.

I've had quite a few of them - they take ages and ages to fade, so a few times I've burst them and they've healed alright. You obviousky have to take care if you scar easily.

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I just cling onto the hope these red marks will disappear eventually. I just wonder if red marks and hyper pigmentation are the same thing.

I have 35% glycolic acid that I've read does alot, but I've heard there can be risks like burning your face off for one, kind of counter productive. I haven't tried it yet, is there anyone out there that has and have anything positive to say about them?

If all else fails there is always a $5,000 dollar surgery somewhere I guess.

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