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Yes, I believe I have it. It's ruining my life. I always check my appearance on a mirror or any reflective objects just so I can point out the flaws (acne) I've taken many pictures close up without makeup and it doesn't show what I see when I look at myself in the mirror. I've recorded a video of my face so I can prove that I do have acne but nothing ever shows up and when it does, its not as bad as I pictured it. I asked my mom and she said how a derm will just think I'm nuts if I asked her to go on another round of Accutane. I don't know what to do...as simple as not checking the mirror or taking pictures, I can't seem to stop it. I became really obsessive that the moment I wake up, I lock myself in the washroom and pinpoint all the stuff that is wrong with my face. I feel like a freak for obsessing so much when I see other people with much bigger problems enjoying their life to the fullest. Yet a tiny spot stops me from going outside much less to school :wall:

I do see red marks from my acne and some scarring but its not visible on the picture nor video :shrug: idk whats true anymore...my image is really distorted.

I avoid eye contact with people. When I take the bus or when Im at the mall and people look at me, I automatically assume they're looking at my horrible skin and I just sink my head low because I'm so ashame of how I look.

(You can pm me for pictures if you want to see. I need a second opinion because I can't trust my own eyes)

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I've always felt that 'Acne Dysmorphia' and BDD were just redundant. These situations always just seem like magnified cases of self-conciousness. I think it's just a bad thought process that should be dealt with accordingly. You've already pretty much killed whatever doubt I may have had when you say you understand your thoughts are irrational. I'm not a psychologist or anything, but I'm thinking if you avoid the things that may trigger the obsessive thoughts (mirrors, taking pictures of yourself to try and seek out imperfections) and come to terms that this obsession is completely uncalled for, perhaps you can focus on other things and enjoy life a bit more. I honestly think it's usually as simple as that.

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Yeah, there are days where I don't look at myself in the mirror and point out imperfections but it always comes back. For example when I'm in the elevator, its hard to avoid not seeing yourself in the mirror and that often leads me obsessively worrying about my skin the moment I get out of the apartment, which pretty much ruins my whole day. Also when I get a ride I see my own reflection in the car window which shows all my imperfections. Its like no matter how clear my skin is ( before I had it so much worse) Im never satisfied with it. I pretty much don't have that much active acne, only minor small spots, but it stills bugs me. And sometimes I pick on it until it gets red and bleeds.

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I believe at one point, like you, I had acne dysmorphia. I still have it today, but I have learned to control myself. One of the major things that personally helped me was to wake up every morning and think to myself, "Ok, when I look in the mirror I have to understand that I have a problem, and it's not as bad as I think." Therefore, before I had done anything that day, I had set a positive mind set, letting myself know that people don't see it how you see it. That helped a lot. Try it, and don't give up, acne dysmorphia is an evil thing.

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what your going through is one of the hardest things, because it interferes with your functioning in every day life. don't let others tell you any different. this is a very real problem, and even harder because its hard to tell others. one tip you can try.. is covering the mirrors in your home.

I just came back from a trip to israel.. i didnt have a decent mirror for two weeks, and it felt great.

honestly.. i think u could try it..

also.. in any case distraction method always proves reliable. if you can take your mind off of this problem of obsession. (because thats what it boils down too) you can then get involved in things you enjoy, outside of the problem. you will then start to not only build up your confidence.. but start to say to yourself.. My problem is smaller than i thought. every day while you enjoy a hobby of your choice, you will start to see how insignificant the obsession is. and it will soon subside and become powerless.

the trick is: BUILD YOURSELF UP from the INSIDE OUT.

stay positive and keep pushing pushing pushing. do things that prove your own self worth.

and at the same time, work on your emotional problems when you can. don't try to mask them.

when you get into these other hobbies, remember to go easy on yourself and be aware that you are still coping. don't fall prey to other people who will waste your time, or are depressed themselves.

ONLY spend time with positive nurturing people, who understand your problem.

if anyone is getting in your way, eliminate them from your life immediately. right now.. DO YOU

Be STRONG Annnnd Assertive. trust me.. ive seen people with really scarred up skin with smiles on their faces walking strong, and let me tell you it makes me respect them even more.

if you are strong and assertive, no matter whats going on with your skin, people will respect you for it. trust me.. thats what its all about.

having the balls to wake up everyday and say.. im not perfect, and im still going to move on with my life and get better every day.

don't compare yourself to others. Praise yourself when you achieve a goal. or take a step in the right direction. small steps is what its all about, and we're all behind you.


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